Potential smart contracts applications

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and many more


that the SMARTZ platform solve


  • Do not know the capabilities of smart contracts.
  • Cannot find a ready-made smart contract to solve their task.
  • Have to overpay for customized smart contracts.
  • Cannot set up and deploy a ready-made smart contract, far less when smart contracts are to be deployed on a massive scale.
  • Do not have available tools to monitor and track the status of smart contracts.
  • Do not have team tools to work with smart contracts.


  • Do not have a simple opportunity to monetize their ideas and know-how.
  • Spend considerable time searching for customers and negotiating.
  • Have to offer customers standard limited contract interfaces or develop complex client-server systems.
  • Do not have an affordable and reliable way to confirm the security of their smart contracts.


SMARTZ is the full life cycle DApps platform which opens a window into the world of smart contracts for everyone. Platform provides individuals and organisations possibility to easily choose, deploy and manage a variety of smart contracts. Everything happens within the framework of friendly UI and without the need for any programming skills. At the same time the platform doesn't store user's secret keys and any private information due to its decentralized basis and worldview. All the secret keys always on client's side.

Developers can focus on programming decentralized business logic without worrying about presentation layer, user notifications or ease of input addresses. Also platform provides developers tools for publishing, promoting, support and as result earning.

Moreover, with partners involved Smartz platform will soon provide solutions for cross-developer code audit, legal binding, identity verification, oracles and arbitration and even data swaps by smart contracts in different chains.


  • Smart contracts marketplace

    • Open to developers
    • Detailed descriptions, convenience of comparison and selection
    • Open competition among developers and rating system
    • Moderation and audit of smart contracts
  • Smart contract management console

    • Smart contracts set up and deployed in a user-friendly interface
    • Smart contracts status monitored and notifications sent out
    • Convenient group interaction with smart contracts
  • Functions for developers

    • Simple API for communication with the UI platform
    • Decentralized code auditing
    • Flexible marketing tools, price and discount management
    • Opportunities for promotion within the framework of the platform
  • Functions for integrated partners

    • Online account with statistics
    • Referral program
    • Consultation and integration applications panel
  • Documentation and guides

    • Easy introduction into smart contracts
    • Text and video step-by-step instructions
    • Examples and application cases
    • Detailed developer platform reference

Users scenarios of work with the platform


SMR is the internal currency of the SMARTZ platform with which you can do the following:

  • Reduce fees on paid smart contracts.
  • Access premium subscription functions.
  • Pay for marketplace promotions.
  • Reward auditors and contibutors.
  • Be rewarded for various activities like writing reviews or rating dapps.
  • Get access to various activities like moderation, voting or even governing.

Demand and price are strongly related to project growth and value contributed by community.

Ticker SMR
Platform Ethereum
Standard ERC20
Total Supply 150,000,000 SMR
Token Decimals 18
Address 0x40ae4acd08e65714b093bf2495fd7941aedfa231 Inspect on Etherscan


  • Chris Abel-Smith photo

    Chris Abel-Smith

    International strategist, experienced in cross-border M&A, IP protection. 20 years engaging with the Hollywood Studios, Regional Director Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment. Head of the Supervisory Board at The Token Fund and Tokenbox. Multilinguist: English, French, Greek, Russian, Spanish.

  • Ruslan Tugushev photo

    Ruslan Tugushev

    CEO & co-founder of Storiqa

    Founder of tugush.com.

    CEO & Founder of Boomstarter.

  • Alexey Chernyak photo

    Alexey Chernyak

    Founder of a venture accelerator “Blockchain Founder” under the MSU

    Co-founder of Darberry (Groupon Inc.)

    ExCEO Groupon Russia.


  • Sergey Prilutskiy photo

    Sergey Prilutskiy

    Head of research

    Developer of high-loaded systems, blockсhain-expert, lecturer of the course “Information Security” in MEPhI and Bauman MSTU.

    Co-founder of MixBytes blockchain developers company.

  • Yuriy Vasilchikov photo

    Yuriy Vasilchikov


    Entrepreneur, programmer and blockchain enthusiast.

    Co-founder of MixBytes blockchain developers company.

    Co-founder and exCEO of Eggo.ru web-agency.

  • Аleksey Makeev photo

    Aleksey Makeev


    Developer and architect of high-loaded systems, project teamlead at Search@mail.ru and 1C, developer of smart contracts, blockchain-expert.

    Co-founder of MixBytes blockchain developers company.

  • Vladimir Khramov photo

    Vladimir Khramov

    Lead developer

    Senior programmer, developer and auditor of smart contracts, blockchain-expert.

  • Vadim Buyanov photo

    Vadim Buyanov


    Specialist in Strategic Marketing and Project Management, Head of ICO projects at Waves platform.

  • Serge Nikitin photo

    Serge Nikitin


    Expert in the field of Fintech, 24 years experience in the banking sector, extensive experience in the stock market since 1995.

  • Nikolay Nikitin photo

    Nikolay Nikitin

    Media & Event Chief

    Entrepreneur, more than 7 years experience in IT project management. Founder of Aronicle.

  • Pavel Kruglov photo

    Pavel Kruglov

    Chief PR & content

    Expert in IT, information security and Tech PR.

    Author and editor of the “Hacker” magazine. Сhief editor in Mail.Ru Group.

  • Konstantin Privezentsev photo

    Konstantin Privezentsev

    Back-end developer

    Expert in the field of CAD systemsDeveloper of mobile applications in Paragon, BigData infrastructure Search@Mail.ru and data processing systems in Kaspersky Lab.

  • Algys Ievlev photo

    Algys Ievlev

    Blockchain researcher C / C++ programmer

    The developer of proof of concepts on Steem and EOS.

  • Mikhail Shubin photo

    Mikhail Shubin

    DevOps Engineer

    Handling the administration of systems with varying levels of complexity. Developement in Python, Perl, and Bash.

  • Vyacheslav Melnikov photo

    Vyacheslav Melnikov

    Senior Front-end Developer

    Development of highly loaded interfaces.

    Visualization of BigData and development of the library of components.

    Stack of technologies: React.js, Redux, Typescript, JavaScript, Webpack, Scss, Git, Node.js.

  • Anatol Latotin photo

    Anatol Latotin


    Experience in design since 2003. Worked as web designer in leading design studio ArtLebedev. Leads a group of designers over the project.

  • Ilona Galuzinskaya photo

    Ilona Galuzinskaya

    Event manager

    Performance administrative tasks and arrangement meetups and hackatons.

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